Coaching during Covid-19

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As we enter the second month of restricted play for US youth soccer organizations, there seems to be progress in return-to-play policies. US Club Soccer targets May 18th as the date to give local leagues authority to return. But as the uncertainties remain, these dates are subject to change.

These decisions are very complex for the organized soccer community and must be conducted with immense precaution as to not prioritize sports over health. For updates on return-to-play policies please visit

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Many coaches have taken the time to use resources available to them with virtual training programs. It is an understatement to say that the last few weeks have been challenging. Normal life turned into uncertainty and we have no clue of when everything will go back to “normal.”

Coaches have always shown ingenuity. There have been countless times where field conditions where not what was anticipated and within seconds a different training session was created for the team. Conditioning. Maybe not ideal, but the work and effort is the same with the right people behind you. In the recent weeks, they have figured out ways to normalize these strange times by interacting with their players over live video platforms.

A coach’s role has become vital more than ever. It is not easy to completely change the way you can impact your players. A new form of coaching will always be a process of trial and error. 

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US Club Soccer has provided some requirements for condition virtual training sessions, meetings with youth athletes:

-All Youth Participants (ex: players) are registered with US Club Soccer.

-All Direct Participating Adult(s) (ex: coaches) are registered with US Club Soccer.

-The virtual session is conducted in accordance with Section 13 (Athlete and Participant Safety/Risk Management) of US Club Soccer’s Policy Manual. (Policy 13.06(d), which covers Social Media & Electronic Communication, is of particular relevance.)

-The U.S. Center for SafeSport Virtual Training Guide is provided by the applicable US Club Soccer Member Organization to all Participating Adults, parents/guardians and Youth Participants, in advance of the virtual session. And, reasonable best efforts are made to comply with the guide.

-While the insurance coverage is applicable to US Club Soccer membership, we believe taking responsible precautions involving any virtual interaction with minors – across all sports – is a common-sense best practice.

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