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Getting back at it

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Hello again, fellow spectators in the horror movie that is the year 2020! Karson here, coming back at you again, hoping sincerely that if you are reading this, you are okay. In these uncertain times…..just kidding, I hate that too. I know things kind of suck right now, for everyone. The COVID-19 virus has completely changed our world as we know it, and what shape that takes in the future, no one can be certain. But things seem to be on the upswing, and it’s because of all of you. Responsible, safe actions taken by the people concerned about their family and their fellow citizens of this planet have been working, and slowly but surely we’re getting back to doing some of the things that we love doing with others. One of those things is the beautiful game, soccer! Due to some restrictions being lifted in certain parts of the country, we are able to start getting back on the field, and safely bringing people of all kinds back together.

Several states have led the charge in bringing soccer back to fans, Arizona being one of the first, with comprehensive and thorough guidelines for reopening the sport in phases. With the guidance of the state and federal law, these new guidelines place an emphasis on the safety of the players and spectators first, while still letting us all enjoy time with our friends and family on the field. Arizona’s reopening plan, as do other reopening plans across the country, comes in four phases. Many of the guidelines are now second nature to us as we’ve navigated the world in the times of Corona, such as no contact, no sharing equipment or uniforms, and staying home if you have a fever or aren’t feeling well. If we continue to follow these rules, we can stay safe while participating in healthy competition!

While we all get through these phases of returning to play, The Soccer Factory is here to help you out with all your soccer related needs so you and your players can feel good, and also look good. Right now we have several specials on uniforms, the first of which being our two-for-one deal. Buy one whole kit and get the next kit free!

Now’s also a good time to take advantage of another of our specials with our Order Now, Pay Later program. Pay a 25% deposit to secure your product, and then once the rest of the order is paid, it is pushed to our print department. From there, you’re two to three weeks away from getting back to kicking grass and taking names!

We here at The Soccer Factory are sincerely hoping that you and your family and loved ones are safe, happy, and healthy. Thank you for your support for us, and we’ll continue to support you.

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