High School Soccer Uniforms

High School Approved Soccer Uniforms (NHFS Approved)

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For those in the Soccer-Scholastic World,

            Coaches, Teachers, Parents and any others who are ordering soccer uniforms, do not panic whether your students uniform is NFHS approved. I have some helpful words and visual context to assist you when hunting for that perfect uniform. We’ll go over the color of game jerseys required as well as the printing.

To begin, the basics as of 2018/19 call for one DARK color for the Home jersey/socks and one SOLID white jersey with white socks for the Away kit (image attached). We’ll start with the easy part, which is the Home jersey options. Practically any color that is contrasting the color white, blanco, blanc is approved by NFHS. You may have any sort of solid, striped, checkered, starburst pattern (fig 1,2,3)

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as your home jersey as long as they are tasteful.  Pretty much ANY color other than white may be used for your home kit. In addition, the jerseys may be brand or non-brand product such as Adidas, Nike, Hummel or even The Team Factory’s Xpresssub.  https://www.xpresssub.com/

On a side note: Goal Keepers may be distinctly different (same printing as teammates) than their teammates and opposing opponent (fig 4.) GK kit different=BETTER!

            Now we approach the tricky Away jersey. The key words are ALL WHITE which translates to solid white with no designs, piping or any other color whatsoever. Many consumers may ask, “ Can I use off-white or greyish color jerseys?” Unfortunately, those are all unacceptable and incorrect. I have placed several jersey options of what NOT to purchase if looking for NFHS approved (fig 5,6, 7).

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If a seller offers you product that isn’t an All White jersey don’t do it. Ask questions, like “Is this uniform NFHS approved?” or “Can this jersey save me 15% on car insurance?”

            Lastly, is the topic of printing on uniforms. All jerseys must have a number (no duplications), 4” on the front and a 6” minimum number on the back (8” max).  The numbers shall contrast and be visible on the jerseys (as seen on Fig 1, 2). The only sort of names/logos (excluding brand logo)/insignias/patches shall reference the school. Anything other than that will be shun upon, benched and laughed at.

            In conclusion, please research, research, and research and ask any questions in case you are unsure. I hope you’ve had as much fun reading this as I did writing this 😉 So please be wary of what you purchase, thank your sales reps, tip your waiter 20% and have a fun/safe soccer season!


NFHS Rules


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