Seven Reasons to Order Custom Soccer Jerseys

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Branding your team, club, or school with a totally customized soccer jersey or uniform may seem like just an aesthetic choice, but it’s actually a more powerful tool than you may realize. Competitive and recreational soccer teams, as well as scholastic institutions, are no longer limiting their choices to traditional, and somewhat antiquated stock designs. Instead, coaches and administrators alike are now choosing uniquely designed, high quality soccer jerseys and uniforms that embrace their mascot, integrate the school and team colors, as well as provide savings and eliminate inventory issues. 

What are the Newest Soccer Jersey Designs?

They’re whatever you want them to be! Designing a custom soccer uniform has never been easier. A sophisticated, simple to use 3D online jersey design tool is now available that allows “custom jersey makers” everywhere to access the latest uniform design technology. Without the aid of a professional designer, your soccer team can be individualized by incorporating a more modern look and distinct vibe which in turn promotes team spirit and fan enthusiasm. After all, your eagle jersey should fly higher than any other!

Are Custom Soccer Jerseys High Quality and Comfortable?

In the past, stock uniforms from well-known manufacturers had a distinct advantage when it came to uniform quality and comfort. However, in today’s market, a handful of custom uniform manufacturers now employ comparable lightweight, moisture wicking materials, similar to those of the traditional stock manufacturers such as Nike, adidas. Joma and Puma. Durable, high quality, tightly stitched performance fabrics are becoming the norm.  

What are the Cost Savings if I Customize My Own Soccer Jerseys?

Normally, soccer teams using traditional stock uniforms incur additional upcharges for numbering, player names, logos, sponsors, set-up fees, etc. Whereas with custom, those costs are already included in the price, allowing you to save needed funds for travel, tournaments, and other programs/projects. You can print and personalize whatever you like at no extra charge! Simply choose the jersey template of your choice and design it with all of the colors, numbering, and logos you want.

How Long does it Take to Deliver Custom Soccer Jerseys?

Do you need your jerseys quickly, but want to avoid the rush and shipping fees? If ordering late with a deadline to meet, rush fees due to back-orders and/or processing time are less common with fully customized uniforms. Make sure and choose a cutting edge company that incorporates the latest design and processing technology. These companies can ship within days, instead of weeks. Of course it goes without saying, make sure and choose a reputable dealer whose primary goal is customer service.

What if I Need Additional Jerseys Later?

Perhaps the biggest cost savings is the fact that custom uniforms don’t expire. Many times traditional stock uniform styles become obsolete within one or two years. With stock uniforms, if add-on uniforms are needed after the expiration date, teams that ordered stock find it necessary to purchase new uniforms for the entire team. Custom uniforms never expire and can be ordered year around. Stock is never limited!

Realize the Benefits of Custom Jerseys

All and all, upgrading to custom is becoming the new wave for scholastic institutions and soccer teams/clubs throughout the country. High schools and middle schools alike are realizing the benefits, as well as recreational organizations and competitive programs. Ease of designing, unique and dynamic templates, along with the promotion of team/fan spirit, cost effectiveness, high product quality, elimination of inventory issues, and processing time are just a few of the reasons that teams are purchasing custom not only for soccer, but for all sports!

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