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Peeling or Cracking Numbers? This is what you need to know.

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Hello soccer fans! Karson here again to talk with all of you again about a common problem facing soccer players. Has this ever happened to you?

No fun, right? Well, I have a couple tips for all of you to prevent your printing from fading or cracking, and keeping your jersey as fresh as the day you bought it.

First things first, when it’s time to wash your jersey, turn it inside out. This will protect the numbers from the worst of the tumbling motion of the washing machine.

Wash your jerseys in cold water, as hot water will begin to weaken the adhesive used to keep the print fixed to the jersey.

Do not dry clean printed jerseys, or wash them with bleach. Use a mild detergent.

DO NOT PUT YOUR JERSEY IN THE DRYER. If you can take anything away from this post, please know that heat = BAD. Once the print is attached to your jersey that should be the last heat your jersey sees, other than from your scorching moves on the field!

Even if you follow these tips to the letter, sometimes things happen. You forgot your jersey in the wash right before the big game, so you throw it into the dryer because it can’t be that bad…right?


You played the best of anybody on the field, but no one noticed because they couldn’t stop staring at your peeling numbers.

Luckily, all hope is not lost! For numbers that need a touch up, or letters that are just a little curled on the edges, there’s a simple trick to readhere them. You will need an iron, an ironing board, and a sheet of white paper or a piece of cloth.

  1. Make sure your jersey is clean first. If there are any stains, applying heat to them can set them into the jersey.
  2. Lay your jersey flat on the ironing board. Make sure it is as smooth as possible.
  3. Take your sheet of paper (or cloth) and place it over the damaged portion of the jersey. Using the tip of the iron, lay it flat over the paper, and over the lettering, just how it was when you first got it. Go slow, and use deliberate, even pressure. Do not apply heat directly to the printing.

Voila! Good as new!

Maintaining your jerseys and doing little touch ups like these can make all the difference in the longevity of your jerseys.

Additionally, if you received printed jerseys from us and they have any cracks, peeling, or other defects, bring it back to us in 30 days and we will fix it for you, no extra charge!

Go forth with these tips, soccer fans, and let us know if you have questions!

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