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Raheem Sterling switches to Puma?

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In some of the most recent Premier League games, Raheem Sterling, the standout winger for Manchester City Football Club, has been wearing a blackout version of his usual Phantom Venom football boots. 

Sterling wearing the blackout boots in an official match helps support the question of whether or not he will re-sign his boot contract with Nike.  Raheem Sterling has been signed to a contract with Nike for quite some time now and is rumored to potentially sign a boot deal with opposing up and coming rivals, Puma. The Puma brand is rumored to possibly sign the England International for a record-breaking boot contract of 124.5 million dollars. 

This speculation started when Sterling was seen wearing the blackout Phantom Venoms in an official match. Then Manchester City winger wore a mysterious unreleased blackout boots in training. Looking closely at the blackout boots he is wearing in training, they look similar to a new boot that Puma may release soon called, the Puma Ultra. 

The Puma Ultra is set to be a new silo for the Puma brand, and Raheem Sterling may be one of the stars front heading this new boot. Although we do not know for sure if the mysterious black out boots Sterling is wearing in training are indeed the Puma Ultra’s, we can draw up a convincing argument that he is thinking about signing a boot deal with a company that isn’t Nike. 

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