What are the Reward Advantages of Soccer Factory Bucks?

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What are Factory Bucks and how do they work?

Factory Bucks is a rewards program implemented specifically to show soccer uniform customers how much their loyalty is appreciated. The program is designed to build a mutually beneficial relationship with each team customer. It allows consumers to benefit financially by increasing their bottom line with each team purchase. Unlike other soccer rewards programs, there is no membership fee required, no codes, and no need to create an account.

Is A membership fee required to join?

No, customers should not be charged for the privilege of being part of a loyalty program. Factory Bucks is a true rewards program that focuses on building customer relationships and offering a high level of service without paying fee for it.

How do I earn Factory Bucks?

Earning Factory Bucks is “easy peasy!” Simply place your soccer team order online or by phone with a customer representative. Once the order is finalized, Factory Bucks are automatically added to your account. Every additional team order placed also accumulates rewards.

The Bucks you earn are based on the dollar amount of each order. Basically, customers are rewarded 4% back in retail soccer merchandise of their choice. All scholastic, club, and individual “team” soccer orders qualify. You even earn Factory Bucks on top of your team discounted price!

 Are there any restrictions as to the merchandise I choose?

Factory Bucks is a perfect resource for soccer teams or clubs that are in need of soccer gear (e.g. Jerseys, warm-ups, balls, cones, bibs, shoes, etc.). If they prefer, customers can use their Bucks to order additional team uniforms/apparel. Even soccer goals are part of the mix! All items displayed online are available to choose from. There is no limit, no expiration date, and no need to wait for coupon vouchers to be issued back to you.

Do I also earn rewards on customization?

Sure you do! Try and find another soccer uniform rewards program that does that. All dollars spent on uniform customization are calculated in when determining your total Bucks earned. Customization includes embroidery, numbering, names, logos, patches, and Duraprints. 

Factory Bucks cannot be used toward shipping or taxes.

In Conclusion, Factory Bucks Provide Real Advantages

A mutually valuable rewards program designed to benefit soccer customers without charging a membership fee.

Greater benefits than competing soccer loyalty programs offer

– Rewards are earned on all team uniform/apparel and all customization services.

Expands purchasing power in-turn providing financial benefits to teams, organizations and individual members. 

Extensive range of product to choose from

No limit, no expiration date, and no coupons

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